The CaraClaw is the perfect companion for all your outdoor adventures including hiking, camping, climbing, hunting and fishing or it’s the perfect companion for you to keep handy for when you have to open packages! The patent-pending CaraClaw is made up of a stainless steel inner liner with a rubber coated heavy duty nylon handle. [Read More…]

We’ve featured survival grenades before. Add this one to the list of handy tools to have with you in a compact pouch. Available in 10 colors, this thing packs a punch. Containing 45 feet of paracord, a steel shackle, compass, wire saw, ready-made wire snares, fire-starter with striker, 30′ fishing line, knife blade, 1 gallon Ziploc [Read More…]

If you don’t have a “candy tin” survival kit, you should get one – or even better, make one. You’ll be amazed at the amount of items you can fit in there that would be essential for survival. What was tough to fit in there before was paracord. Instructables users Paravival has a solution for [Read More…]

Trick out your iPhone with the tools from a multifunction pocket knife. The TaskOne iPhone case provides 22 tools, plus a kickstand for your phone. This has got to be the ultimate iPhone case for the outdoors-man.

Time to get your hands on Ron Burgundy’s “Great Odin’s Raven” Scotch Whisky. This fine Scotch product blends whiskies from Speyside, Highlands and Islay. Go grab your 40% alcohol Scotchy Scotch Scotch!

We’ve featured some solar chargers before, and this one needs to be added to the list. Small, compact and lightweight, the Powertraveller Solarmonkey features an internal 2500mAh battery. Strap it to your pack and let the sun charge the battery all day. Then when you need to, plug your device in and juice it up. The [Read More…]

If you’ve got plenty of sunlight around, perhaps its best to save your flint and steel for night time. The Tinder HOT Box Solar Fire Starter features are simple. Put a little flammable tinder in the hook area, and aim towards the sun. In a few minutes you’ll get some smoldering embers which can be used [Read More…]

The Horizon MiniPak Handheld Portable Fuel Cell Power Charger uses hydrogen fuel cell technology to keep your portable electronics powered up. Their fuel cells combine oxygen with hydrogen from the Hydrostik, and converts it to usable electricity. Now you can stay powered up, and off the grid for months. Just make sure you have a [Read More…]

If you’re looking for a way to use your smart phone to have night vision optics, SnooperScope is your answer. The built in battery will give you 4 hours of video, and it connects to your phone using a built in secure WiFi network from the SnooperScope itself. The standard tripod mount means you can [Read More…]

Take what you love about mountain biking, and combine it with what you love about a motorcycle, and you get a mountain bike with a motor. Available on Kickstarter right now, the Motoped uses all standard mountain bike components, so you can essentially build your own. Pedal with ease when you want, or start the [Read More…]