Pillow Tie

You’re tired. You’re at work. All you need is a quick nap, but the hard cubicle wall and germ-filled desk don’t offer much comfort. You should have worn the Pillow Tie! Inflates in seconds, which means you’ll be asleep in no time.

Bottle Lock

If you don’t use the water bottle holder on your bike for anything useful (like water), then replace that bottle with this. A bike lock in the shape of a bottle. Pull the cable out and quickly lock your bike up.

Snow Peak Lapel Torch

When you need a third hand to hold a flash light for you, Snow Peak’s Lapel Torch has got your back. Designed to run off 4 AA batteries that clips onto you, the torch can then be moved and positioned anywhere you want. From your shirt, to your hat and even your backpack. Two modes are available to you, high and low. High will shine 70 lumens and last about 55 hours on battery, while low is 7 lumens and 140 hours.

Grill ‘N Chill Tailgater and Draft

Die hard tailgater? Want to show up all your friends? Check out the Grill ‘N Chill Tailgater with Draft System! The 24,000 BTU infrared grill will warm up your meats without issue, while the 50 quart ice chest keeps everything else nice and cool. Not enough? How about the built in beer tap to serve nice and fresh cold ones. Top it off with the satellite ready audio system, and you have yourself an official portable party!

Jackfish Survival Card

At the size of a credit card it’s small enough to carry around with you. The Jackfish Survival Card has all the essentials.

The Jackfish Survival Card contains tools like a whistle, water purifying iodine, compass, firesteel, knife, a micro SD card reader (SD Card not included), windproof matches, and a few bits for a screwdriver.

Exuvius Titanium Multi Tool Collar Stay

Here’s something I’d expect to see in James Bond’s wardrobe. The Exuvius Titanium Collar Stay is really a multi tool built in. Use it to keep your collar stiff all day, then use it at the end of the day to pop open your favorite brew. Also sports a wire cutter for getting out of tricky situations and a screw driver to tighten things up.

Door Top Stash

While this isn’t something you can “buy”, it’s still pretty awesome. In about an hour you can create a secret stash spot for some extra cash, or even a USB drive filled with porn. Er, I mean, “important documents” that you don’t want to go missing. Just requires you to get a cigar tube, a screw and a drill. Link below takes you to a PDF of instructions.

Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Tablet Mount

Keeping track of recipes is easy when they’re digital – but risk of damaging your tablet is enough to make you stick to printing them out. No more my friend. The Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Tablet Mount is very fast to setup, with nothing to screw or glue. Just unfold out the back stabilizer, snap in your tablet, and place in between the door of a cabinet. Done! Now you can easily access your recipes – or your favorite show while you prepare your feast.

Arc’teryx LEAF Alpha LT Jacket

Winter hasn’t given up yet, so it’s not too late to grab the Arc’teryx LEAF Alpha LT jacket. The lightweight fully waterproof jacket uses a 3 layer GORE-TEX shell to keep you nice and dry while keeping you warm as you battle any weather. The jacket is designed to be lightweight, so you can stay on the go, stay warm and stay dry. Available in 3 colors: black, crocodile (tan), and Wolf (gray, pictured above).

Paper Log Brick Maker

Instead of tossing your newspaper in the recycle bin, you should cut (or shred) it, soak in water and toss it in here. The two handles help shape the paper into a nice brick all while squeezing excess water out. It’ll take about a day to dry fully, but once dry toss it on your fire and expect it to last a couple hours per brick. Not bad for paper! It’s lightweight when dry, which is perfect for camping – or even the backyard. Use it as a supplement to firewood.

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