CM Storm QuickFire Stealth Keyboard

Think you’re good at typing and are you impressing all the ladies that you can type without looking at the keyboard? Prove yourself worthy with this murdered out keyboard. No letters on the top of the keyboard keep it sleek and stealthy. No letters on the keys also means no letters to wear out, so you’re keyboard will look fresh for years to come. Don’t worry if you get stuck, you can look at the front-side of the keys since the letter is still present.

Revolights Wheels

Riding your bike at night can be dangerous. Revolights wants to change that with their new wheel system. These wheels are the second generation Revolights and they are mounted onto Weinmann DP18 700C rims atop Shimano 2200 hubs. This allows you to remove your old rims, and put these on – giving you more visibility to those around you. The USB rechargable battery will power the 12 LEDs per ring for up to 4 hours.

Cordito Cord Wrap

A very simple and elegant way to get a handle on your cable mess. The Cordito cord wrap holds 3 cables and 2 power plugs. Roll it up and throw it in your bag to keep your cable stash tame.

Adsum Audio Detonator

A small speaker, a lot of power. Made to look like a dynamite blast detonator, these speakers contain a 4″ magnesium and aluminum cone driver and a large optimized magnet to give you huge sound. Cleverly disguised in the detonator handle is the 19mm dual ring radiator tweeter. A unique addition to add to your audio setup.

SKIL 360 Quick-Select Screwdriver

Keeping track of the drill bits you need is a hassle. Then climbing a ladder and realizing you’ve got the wrong one sucks even more. The SKIL 360 Quick-Select Screwdriver can help. It has an internal wheel which contains 12 most-popular drill bits. Simple spin the dial to the bit you want, push it forward with the lever to lock it in place and you’re off. There’s an LED light to light up what you’re drilling too. The 4-volt Lithium-Ion battery is USB rechargeable and can hold a charge for 18 months. So charge and place it in your common-use tool drawer knowing it’ll be ready the next time you need it.

Mazooka Marshmallow Bazooka

The Mazooka is an air powered, shoulder mounted marshmallow bazooka system. Insert your payload into the bazooka, flip out the sight, turn on the internal air compressor to recharge itself, aim and fire. The Mazooka can shoot mallows up to 40 feet!

SMART BAGS: Disposable Protection for Your Smartphone

Protecting your smartphone from the elements has never been easier. Insert your phone into the Smart Bag and it’s instantly protected from dirt, grease and water – while still allowing you touchscreen access. The bags are biodegradable and even anti-static. The Smart Bag is the perfect protection for your phone from grease while you’re working on the car. Even better, it’ll protect it from sand and water while relaxing at the beach.

Status Board App

Obsessed with information? You know, the kind that’s online. Like Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feeds (shameless plugs), Email, well you get the point. The Status Board app for the iPad aims to get all that crucial data into 1 place. It looks pretty damn awesome doing it. Better yet, stream it to your TV using AirPlay and make it look like you’ve got an official command center.

Philips Wake-Up Light

Wake up easier in the morning with Philips’ Wake-Up Light. Let’s face it, nobody enjoys the jolt you get when your buzzer goes off. Philips is trying to change that. The colored sunrise simulation wakes you gently, which is proven to have you in a better mood for the rest of the day.

NiteCore Tiny Monster Flashlight

If you want a bright ass flashlight, you’ve found it. Packed in this palm-sized flashlight are 3500 lumen LEDs. That’s not a flashlight, that’s a spotlight. This thing is so serious it has a thermal protection circuit so it won’t overheat. Load it up with 4 batteries and you can expect to get up to 1,000 hours of light.

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