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Iain Sinclair CardSharp


Check out this awesome utility knife by Iain Sinclair. Called the CardSharp because it’s the size and approximate thickness of a standard credit card. If you’re looking to carry a small utility knife, but without the bulk then this is the perfect gift for yourself. This knife has a 3-inch stainless steel blade, a small serrated section and a built in sheath when folded. Pre-order today with shipments expected to be out in early 2011.


Makr Key Fob

Made up of three layers of leather, two screw stubs and a twist to make way for the keychain. Each one of these Makr Key Fobs is hand burnished and polished. The simple and clean design belongs on your keychain to give it some elegance.

Similar Alternatives

Make this: Paracord Pouch for Survival Tin

If you don’t have a “candy tin” survival kit, you should get one – or even better, make one. You’ll be amazed at the amount of items you can fit in there that would be essential for survival. What was tough to fit in there before was paracord. Instructables users Paravival has a solution for that! Make your own Paracord Pouch for your survival tin.

It’s not something you can “buy”, but it is something you can make. Sometimes making things is more fun.
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Magnetic Key Shelf

We’ve all forgotten our wallet, phone and/or keys, but if you forget them more often than others perhaps you need this stylish walnut shelf with a magnet to hang your keys from. Each hand made shelf is designed to be the catch all for your essentials, place it by the door and place your stuff on it, or hang your keys from it, when you get in. Leaving without forgetting your stuff just got easier.

Square Business in a Box

In their quest to help out small business owners, Square has announced their Small Business in a Box point of sale system. For $300 your small business can grab a special iPad stand, 2 Square readers and a cash drawer. For an additional $300 you can grab a wireless receipt printer. If you don’t own a small business, pass this along to someone who does. The low total cost of ownership will certainly draw them in.

  • Accept all major credit and debit cards and pay one low rate with no hidden fees and no long-term contracts.
  • Process chip cards in just two seconds.
  • Get your money as soon as the next business day.
  • Use it cordlessly with the built-in battery, designed to last all day.
  • Start selling right out of the box with payments processing, point-of-sale software and powerful hardware designed as one seamless system. No tablets or apps required.
  • Accept all major cards at 2.6% + 0.10c per tap, dip, or swipe and get funds in your bank account in one to two business days.
  • Get expert phone support, protection from eligible chargebacks, and a 2-year limited warranty.
  • Two touchscreen displays included: one for you and one for your customers.
  • Grow your business with constantly improving point-of-sale software.
  • Plug in optional cash drawers, receipt printers, order ticket printers, or bar code scanners and get up and running instantly.

Extra Normal Digital Grande Watch

Designed by Ross McBride, the Extra Normal Digital Grande Watch is exactly that – extra normal. That’s why I like it. It combines the classic look of an alalog watch with the simplicity of a digital display. The crown of the watch not only flips through the different time and date modes, but also serves as the backlight switch. Also available in all black.


Take what you love about mountain biking, and combine it with what you love about a motorcycle, and you get a mountain bike with a motor. Available on Kickstarter right now, the Motoped uses all standard mountain bike components, so you can essentially build your own. Pedal with ease when you want, or start the quiet motor and save your legs on those tough hills.
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If you need to hoist things up, save your back and let myLIFTER do the heavy work. This Bluetooth connected motor can lift up to 50 pounds, and it’s directions (up, down, stop) are all controlled by your smart phone. Now you can hoist up your bike, storage, kayaks and more.
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Santa Stakeout Kit

This Santa guy is a pretty hard guy to track down. He’s always around at night when everyone’s sleeping. It’s time to get serious and get a good look at this guy. Grab the Santa Stakeout Kit from OpticsPlanet and get to work. This huge kit is complete with a Snow Camo Ghillie suit, night vision monocular, FLIR thermal camera, binoculars, game cameras, sleeping bags, gloves, parkas, and much much more.

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