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Klingg Headphone Cord Holder

The Klingg magnetic headphone cord holder solves a problem that most of us face. Whether you’re listening to music while you’re running, mowing the lawn, walking down the street – whatever it is, chances are the ear buds will fall out of your ear as some point. Usually because the cord gets snagged on something. Just use the magnetic backing to secure the Klingg to your clothes, slide the headphone cord through the slot and you’re good to go. Available in 8 colors to match your style.

Eton BoostTurbine 2000 Rechargeable USB Battery

Having a dead phone sucks. It sucks even more when there’s no electricity nearby. That’s no problem with the Eton BoostTurbine 2000. Packing a 2000mA battery, it can easily charge up your cell phone and other USB gadgets. If you’ve already drained it, you can use a little extra elbow grease to manually charge it. 1 minute of hand crank charging can give you a 30 second phone call, or let you do some quick texting. Not a bad thing to take with you on long trips

Belkin Conserve Energy Strip

Most of your electronics in your home theater setup are plagued with Vampire Power. This means when the device is off, it’s not actually off and is still using energy. This means you’re paying on your electric bill for electronics that are sleeping. Belkin is out to help you save money with this power strip. It’s easy to use. It has 1 “master” outlet, 5 “automatic” outlets and 2 “always on” outlets. You plug your TV into the master outlet, and your DVD, XBox, PlayStation, and other devices that can be powered off into the automatic outlets. Lastly plug in your DVR or devices that need to stay on in the always on outlets. The rest is up to Belkin. When it detects the increase power needed by your TV turning on, it’ll turn on the other “automatic” outlets. When you turn your TV off, it knows that too and turns off those other devices. Make sure to leave your DVR plugged into the “always on” outlet so you don’t miss your favorite TV show.

Handyman In Your Pocket

If you’re like me, then you can use a screwgun and that’s about it. With some luck, you won’t miss and make a hole in the wall too. People like you and me need the Handyman In Your Pocket reference guide. The guide contains 768 pages of facts, tables, and vital information AND it fits in your shirt pocket!


The Breathometer is the worlds first breathalyzer that hooks onto your iPhone. Just plug it in and blow into it to see just how drunk you are. The breathometer is designed to make the world a safer place by letting you know how drunk you are – and [we hope] that’ll remind you that you probably should call a cab.

Creditor Carbon Fiber Money Clip Knife

Carbon fiber is cool, but it’s even cooler when it’s a money clip that can unfold and turn into a knife at any given minute! A genius combination of necessary tools (being money and knives), this packs both into one small package. No word on whether or not the knife will cut your money in half too.

Lego Tile Cufflinks

Sure to send you back to your childhood, these Lego Block Cufflinks are ideal for the Lego enthusiast. Each cufflink is hand crafted using authentic Lego bricks. Each brick is secured to silver plated cufflink posts. Comes in a variety of colors.

Z.A.P.S. Gear Survival Grenade

We’ve featured survival grenades before. Add this one to the list of handy tools to have with you in a compact pouch. Available in 10 colors, this thing packs a punch. Containing 45 feet of paracord, a steel shackle, compass, wire saw ready-made wire snares, fire-starter with striker, 30′ fishing line, knife blade, 1 gallon Ziploc bag for carrying water, stormproof matches, and match striker, and a ton more. This is essential to have in your pack at all times!

HEX Solo Wallet Case for iPhone

You’ve got an iPhone and you’ve got a wallet. Combine the two with the HEX Solo Wallet. A leather bound case with 2 slots on the back to store you cash or cards. Since we know your phone is more important than you wallet, with this case you won’t lose your wallet again. Cases for iPhone 4/4s and 5 are available.

DarkFin Webbed Gloves

The next time you head out for a casual swim, grab a set of these Darkfin Webbed Gloves. You’ll exert less energy treading water, and you’ll look damn cool doing it. With an increased surface area of 70%, dare your friends into a race just for fun – you know you’re going to win anyways. Made from durable latex rubber with no seams. No seams means no rips or maintenance.

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