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Quirky Beat Booster

The boombox from the ’80s is itching to come back and play, and Quirky won’t deny it with their Beat Booster designed Bluetooth speaker. Out of the box, it’s your standard Bluetooth speaker but slide the speakers apart to reveal an adjustable dock to load in your smartphone or tablet. Grab the flip-down handle and bring your music outside.

Sheffield Kevlar Shears


Quite possibly the last pair of scissors you’ll own. The steel scissors are extremely sharp and are able to cut through Kevlar. Which makes them perfect for the house since they’ll be able to cut through damn near anything. They’ll also cut through all kinds of tape without getting clogged up.

Laboratory Shot Glasses

The essential item for your next geek party. Well, okay, any party will do. Set of 4 shot glasses also includes four mini pipette styled stirrers. Get them for your favorite mixologist in your life.

Iain Sinclair CardSharp


Check out this awesome utility knife by Iain Sinclair. Called the CardSharp because it’s the size and approximate thickness of a standard credit card. If you’re looking to carry a small utility knife, but without the bulk then this is the perfect gift for yourself. This knife has a 3-inch stainless steel blade, a small serrated section and a built in sheath when folded. Pre-order today with shipments expected to be out in early 2011.


Makr Key Fob

Made up of three layers of leather, two screw stubs and a twist to make way for the keychain. Each one of these Makr Key Fobs is hand burnished and polished. The simple and clean design belongs on your keychain to give it some elegance.

Z.A.P.S. Gear Survival Grenade

We’ve featured survival grenades before. Add this one to the list of handy tools to have with you in a compact pouch. Available in 10 colors, this thing packs a punch. Containing 45 feet of paracord, a steel shackle, compass, wire saw ready-made wire snares, fire-starter with striker, 30′ fishing line, knife blade, 1 gallon Ziploc bag for carrying water, stormproof matches, and match striker, and a ton more. This is essential to have in your pack at all times!

Novac Simply Scan

Putting business cards into your Rolodex is so 1999. It’s time to upgrade your life and use this mini business card scanner. Then, of course, recycle that business card since you no longer need it!

Simply slap that card onto the mini flatbed scanner-looking thing, and hit scan. It then takes a photo of the card and uses OCR software on your computer to convert the printed text to editable text. Sorry, Windows only!

Innovez Biodegradable iPhone Case

You’re not going to have your iPhone forever (well, some of you will), so grab a case that’s kind to the environment. The Innovez Biodegradable iPhone Case is made of biodegradable plastic, so when you’re done with it, you can rest easy knowing it’ll decompose without a problem. The case won’t decompose in your hand either. The process doesn’t begin until it’s placed into an active microbial environment. Available in more colors, and also for iPhone 5.