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Concrete Drink Coasters

Nothing says manly than some concrete drink coasters. Show off some construction goods in your mancave. Each concrete coaster is made by hand and takes a week of curing. Topped off with 2 coats of wax, they’ll be sure to last long after you’re done with your beer.

SKIL 360 Quick-Select Screwdriver

Keeping track of the drill bits you need is a hassle. Then climbing a ladder and realizing you’ve got the wrong one sucks even more. The SKIL 360 Quick-Select Screwdriver can help. It has an internal wheel which contains 12 most-popular drill bits. Simple spin the dial to the bit you want, push it forward with the lever to lock it in place and you’re off. There’s an LED light to light up what you’re drilling too. The 4 volt Lithium-Ion battery is USB rechargeable and can hold a charge for 18 months. So charge and place it in your common-use tool drawer knowing it’ll be ready the next time you need it.


Based off NASA’s revolutionary air purification system made for the Space Station, this technology has only been found in space and in critical air environments like hospitals. Now you can get your hands on some pretty clean air for your home or office. The technology inside the Airocide is pretty effective at removing almost all allergens and other nasty stuff that passes through it. It uses some glass rings covered in titanium dioxide. I have no idea what that is, but it just sounds like something NASA came up with. Even better, the design employs physics to pull air through without a fan, so it’s whisper quiet.

DeLonghi Pump Espresso with Cappuccino

The EC860 includes DeLonghi’s patented one-touch system. With an integrated milk container, making a cappuccino or latte is a button touch away. The professional filter holder comes with an integrated cream device that makes it a breeze to pull the perfect shot, with a top layer of creamy foam. A dedicated cup warmer button eliminates the need to pre-heat your cups – to ensure maximum flavor at the right temperature! With DeLonghi’s simple sophistication, anyone can become a Batista, capable of making – and sharing – a rich cup of espresso with loved ones easier than ever before.

Aurora Lamp

I love simple lamps. They’re beautiful works of art. Good Flock hand makes each conical shaped Aurora Lamp. You can set the lamp on a table, or even wall mount it if you’re in a tight space. Since each lamp is hand made, each one is unique. A US cotton covered cord and plug top off the simplistic design.

Hyper Dog Ball Launcher

Do you have a hyper dog who requires intense games of fetch? You and your arms need this ball launcher. Think slingshot for tennis balls which can launch the ball up to 220 feet. Better yet, no assembly required. Your dog and your arms will thank you for this one.

Polar Bear Ice Cube Tray

Stick this polar bear in your freezer to give you 10 ice cubes which are perfect for your tumbler glass. Simply fill the bear up through it’s “mouth” cap, drain the excess through the rear hole, and set up right in your freezer. It doesn’t get much easier than that. The sealed cap helps prevent the ice from absorbing smells and crumbs from the other stuff that’s floating around in your freezer. Bang it on the counter when ready to release the cubes.

FastMac U-Socket

If you’re like me and you’re tired of needing a power strip or two in order to charge all your gadgets, then you might need this. The U-Socket, sold by FastMac, has 2 standard15-amp US outlets and 2 5.1VDC 2100mA USB outlets. Perfect for charging even the most power hungry USB gadgets. Installation is as simple as any other wall outlet and will fit in the same electrical boxes. Genius if you ask me!

Bottlehood Recycled Bottles as Glasses

What better way to recycle your old liquor bottles than to turn them into tumblers and drinking glasses? At least that’s what Etsy seller Bottlehood is doing. Takes old bottles, cuts off the neck, then smooths out the shards so it’s nice and safe. There’s some awesome bottles – I mean, glasses available on their shop.

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