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Foldylock Bike Lock

This easy to carry bike lock unfolds out and allows you to secure your bike – all without dragging a heavy chain around. Made up from 6 steel links coated in plastic (to protect your bike) and reinforced with fiberglass, the FoldyLock unfolds out to 90cm. The unconventional look alone may deter thieves, but if they get intrigued by it, you can take comfort in knowing that connecting rivets are VSR rivet technology to prevent drilling. Same goes with the anti-drill cylinder, too.

1940s Gymnasium Clock

Iconic and awesome Americana from the 40s. This Gymnasium clock reproduction looks just like the real thing. Made from riveted sheet metal, with a metal grill in place of the glass and quartz timekeeping mechanics, this clock will have no trouble keeping reliable time no matter where you put it.

Cool Shooters Shot Glass Mold

You’ll always have the coldest shots around with the Cool Shooter Shot Glass Mold by Fred. Simply fill with water and put the silicone mold in your freezer and let it freeze. When frozen, take it out, fill it up, enjoy. Now you have no excuse to never had a shotglass on hand.

CupsCo Stainless Steel Cups

Ditch those flimsy plastic cups, and grab a high quality stainless steel 16oz cup. You’ll feel good knowing they’re reusable and you’re not throwing away cup after cup. You can even have your own logo or design put right on your very own CupsCo cup.

Menu Vignon Vacuum Stopper

Don’t worry about not finishing the wine from the bottle you ordered at dinner. Instead put it in this to-go bag instead. This bag features a vacuum sealer which removes all air from the bag, keeping wine fresh for up to 6 days. It’s a great idea to store left-over wine, just don’t get caught carrying it.

Menas Zoom

Having a hard time reading the paper? Check out the Menas Zoom. It’s like having a zoom lens which can expand the text on paper up to 3.4x larger than normal without distortion. All with the magic of curved lenses.

Messenger Bag Chair

Carry your chair around, without it looking like a chair. This portable chair folds up to look like a typical popular laptop messenger bag. Great for the beach, concerts, or if you never want to be without a chair again.

Photon II LED Keychain Micro-Light

I have this light on my keychain and I use it every single day. I never realized how often I needed a flash light. Whether poking around my desk or my garage, the super bright LED has never let me down. What I love most about this light is the switch to keep it on. Gone are the days of sore fingers trying to keep the light on.

Frost River Bushcraft Pack

Sometimes old technology is the best technology – as displayed by Frost River’s Bushcraft Pack. This pack is large enough to carry even the most essential gear you’ll need to survive the bush – or anywhere else. Built as full featured canoe packs, these are designed to haul your heavy loads in and out of the wild. The flap hood allows for over-stuffing while the axe sash means you’ll never be too far away from cutting down some wood for a fire if needed.

Griffin Technology USB Mini-Cable Kit

I’m tired of carrying around 6 foot USB cables when I only need a few inches (that’s what she said). When I travel I mostly use the cables just for charging – not so much real data transfer. That’s where these come in. Small, lightweight and awesome.

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