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Andru Android Robot USB Charger

So you’re not exactly an Apple fan, hey we get it. You love your Android phone and really wish there was a way you could show it? Grab the Andru USB charger which – you guessed it – looks like your favorite little mascot. Outputs 5v at 1A, strong enough to power most of the Android phones and tablets out there right now. Even comes with a stand to show Andru off when you’re not using him. Cute, isn’t it?

JOCO Reusable Coffee Cup

Go green, while still fitting in with JOCO’s Reusable Coffee Cup. The 12 ounce cup is what you’d expect from a coffee cup – non-slip grip and an anti-splash lid, but is reusable and made from glass. Plus, I think coffee tastes better in glass, than in one of those one-time-use cups. The cup is standard Barista sized, so having it topped off should be no problem. Freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe, this cup is also available in 7 colors to fit your style.

SMART BAGS: Disposable Protection for Your Smartphone

Protecting your smartphone from the elements has never been easier. Insert your phone into the Smart Bag and it’s instantly protected from dirt, grease and water – while still allowing you touchscreen access. The bags are biodegradable and even anti-static. The Smart Bag is the perfect protection for your phone from grease while you’re working on the car. Even better, it’ll protect it from sand and water while relaxing at the beach.

Gerber Artifact

The Gerber Aritfact is a small knife which the blade can actually be removed and replaced if needed. The blade itself uses a standard #11 hobby blade. The knife also features a bottle opener, pry bar, cross driver, small & medium flat drivers and a wire stripper. A very handy tool that’ll fit on your key chain (albeit a little big). Added bonus, this knife may be eligible for carry-on with the TSA April 2013 prohibited items list changing. Worst case if you can’t bring it on because the blade isn’t complaint, you can throw it out and buy a new #11 blade when you land.

Wall Decals

Add a bit more style, and a reminder to your house with these wall decals. This creative design firm has made decals for almost everything in your house, from your wall to your toilet to your laptop. They can be applied to any smooth surface and removed later on without leaving any residue behind.

FireStar Fire Piston

Starting a fire in good weather is usually pretty straight forward. Especially if you have a flint and steel. Starting fire in questionable weather – well that can be frustrating. The FireStar Fire Piston should help you out. Using state of the art compression fire starting technology, this Fire Piston should get your tinder started in no time, no matter the conditions.

MollaSpace Armed Notebook


Sometimes you need a little vengeance. Pulling the pin on a grenade can make you feel powerful. Why risk your real life pulling the pin from a real grenade? Play it safe with these notebooks! Your favorite weapons are cast into these durable PVC covers so they’ll be sure to last. The pages inside the notebook are as unique as the covers. Oh, you also can’t pull the pin on these, it’s really a keychain. Better luck next time!

Cocoon GRID-IT Organizer

Any veteran traveler knows that organization is key to getting out alive. Learn from their mistakes and get organized. With all the gadgets you carry with you, having a rats nest of crap can slow you down. Get yourself the Cocoon GRID-IT Organizer. It has bands all over the place that allow you to seemingly create infinite possibilities to get your gear organized. Comes in a few different colors and sizes.

Best Made Camp Chair

Space is usually limited when you go camping or anywhere outdoors. Best Made understands that by making their Camp Chair small yet durable. Made from duck canvas, white oak and brass, this chair can hold up to 350 pounds and can fold down flat to be packed or stacked. This will be the last camp chair you’ll need to buy.

Man Crates

Call in your own care package with Man Crates. Each crate comes with its own crowbar so you can break it open. They offer different crates for different occasions, such as one for whiskey lovers, new dads, gamers, etc. So get yourself (or that man in your life) this awesome gift, they’ll surely feel like a man when they rip it open.

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