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Revolights Wheels

Riding your bike at night can be dangerous. Revolights wants to change that with their new wheel system. These wheels are the second generation Revolights and they are mounted onto Weinmann DP18 700C rims atop Shimano 2200 hubs. This allows you to remove your old rims, and put these on – giving you more visibility to those around you. The USB rechargable battery will power the 12 LEDs per ring for up to 4 hours.


Over on Kickstarter, you can pledge to get this useful tool. Fitting onto your keychain this multi tool gives you quick access to 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm & 8MM hex heads, 1 phillips, 1 flathead and 1 25mm torx. Of course, there’s also a bottle opener there too. Small, lightweight and portable!

Remora iPhone Wallet Case

The Remora is an extremely low profile smart phone case that securely holds an ID and a credit card. It merges a wallet with a phone case in a never-before-seen stylish and functional form. The Remora is geared towards minimalist users who are drawn to added functionality without sacrificing the natural feel and size of their smartphones. It succeeds where so many wallet cases fail: adding secure card carrying functionality without adding much size. It is a subtle case that doesn’t dominate the phone. Available in 6 colors.

Square Stand

Gone are the days of the amateur looking Square card reader that plugs into your headphone jack. Now you can look official with a stand for your iPad that has the swipe built into it. The stand will keep your iPad charged throughout it’s use and can also interface with your Square Business in a Box (cash drawer, receipt printer and barcode scanner).

Mokai Jet Powered Kayak

Summer’s here which means it’s time to get outdoors. Time to head to the lake or your favorite stream to enjoy some water activity with your favorite kayak. But all that arm work to paddle around? Ugh! If only there was some way to enjoy the water without the exercise. Check out the Mokai Jet Powered Kayak. Their version of the kayak sports an environmentally friendly Subaru engine that will cart you around your watering hole at 15-17 MPH. It’s your own personal watercraft.

Map Glassware

Learn more about your favorite city while sitting down and having a cold one. Grab one of these and let everyone know which city is your favorite. Made from high quality glassware, these glasses are available in quite a few different sizes and styles, and for quite a few cities.


If you’ve got a kettle grill, and you love pizza, you’re in luck. Pop the KettlePizza basic kit onto your grill, put the lid on it and you’ve got a pizza oven. Keeping the lid on will keep the heat stable inside. So if you’re tired of the same old BBQ, switch it up and make a pizza instead.

Nite Ize Wraplit LED Area Light

When you need a third hand, the Nite Ize Wraplit LED Area Light has you covered. The 18″ gear tie is married to their LED light giving you tons of ways to make sure you’ve got light where you need it – handsfree. Flashlight runs for 22 hours and has low, high and strobe modes.

Bone Portable Amplifier for iPhone

If you’re having a problem hearing your iPhone’s speaker while watching YouTube, or whatever else, then you need this unpowered amplifier. Taking it’s design from phonographs of years past, this design will make you say to yourself, “why didn’t I think of that?”. Available in 4 colors.

Tactical BBQ Apron

Flip your burgers with military precision when you wear your tactical BBQ apron. Complete with MOLLE straps so you can hang your favorite gear off the apron, there’s no longer an excuse for not having the tools you need directly in front of you.

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