Belkin Conserve Energy Strip

Most of your electronics in your home theater setup are plagued with Vampire Power. This means when the device is off, it’s not actually off and is still using energy. This means you’re paying on your electric bill for electronics that are sleeping. Belkin is out to help you save money with this power strip. It’s easy to use. It has 1 “master” outlet, 5 “automatic” outlets and 2 “always on” outlets. You plug your TV into the master outlet, and your DVD, XBox, PlayStation, and other devices that can be powered off into the automatic outlets. Lastly plug in your DVR or devices that need to stay on in the always on outlets. The rest is up to Belkin. When it detects the increase power needed by your TV turning on, it’ll turn on the other “automatic” outlets. When you turn your TV off, it knows that too and turns off those other devices. Make sure to leave your DVR plugged into the “always on” outlet so you don’t miss your favorite TV show.

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