Kano DIY Computer Kit


Some of us don’t want to just buy a PC, but we want to build it. Then when we’re done building the hardware, we want to continue to build its software, and make it do what we want it to do. That’s where Kano is stepping it. Build their kit and program it to do awesome things.

Stayhold Trunk Divider

If you’ve got an SUV, or a car with a less-than-full trunk, pick up the Stayhold trunk divider. It’s the easiest way to keep your groceries from falling out of the bag and rolling around your cargo area. Their solid plastic design grips the carpet and acts as a barrier to hold your items in place.

Impossible Instant Lab

So about that instant camera you threw out for a smartphone camera. You know, the one where you can apply some filters on it that make it look like that camera you threw out? Then you became sad because your photos go online only to die in a flood of other photos. Relive the instant film days with the Impossible Instant Lab.

Fitbit Force

Need to shed some pounds? What better way to track your activity than with the Fitbit Force. The wrist-watch looking device tracks your steps, distance, calories burned, stairs climbed and active minutes. You can even monitor your sleep so you can track bad habits and get more restful sleep. Syncs automatically to your computer or smart phone via Bluetooth.

Lay-N-Go Traveler

Traveling can be stressful. Remembering to pack everything, and have it sorted so you can remember where it is. Why all the fuss? Just add it to the Lay-N-Go Traveler, sinch it up and toss it in your luggage. When you get to your hotel room, just lay on the counter and open it up. Done.
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nGroove Snap

Mountek’s nGroove Snap isn’t just another dock for your car. It utilizes the CD slot in your car to mount your phone or tablet to. You probably don’t use that CD slot for much anymore, so why not put it to use. The nGroove Snap can also slide into the seams of the dashboard, giving you plenty of places to install it. Your phone or tablet uses a removable magnet to snap the device to the stand.
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HP U160 USB Monitor

Having a 2nd monitor is sweet. It’s typically not worth it though for laptop users to drag around an LCD monitor with them everywhere they go. The HP U160 15.6″ USB monitor aims to change that. When folded down, it’s about the thickness of a tablet, and the size of a 15″ laptop. The monitor 1920×1080, perfect for spreadsheets, or HD movies.

Fiesta Five – Better High Fives

The Fiesta-Five is a new product that lets you blast confetti from your hands whenever you give a high-five. It’s re-loadable and shoots biodegradable confetti, adding color and noise to this classic celebration. It’s high-fives on steroids! Perfect and customizable for sporting events, parties, and weddings.

You know that feeling when you give the perfect high-five? Multiply it by fireworks. The Fiesta-Five gives you that satisfying thunderclap every-time, without hurting your hand. Add to that a shower of colored confetti and it’ll be your cheeks that are hurting from smiling so hard!

Castle Brook Paralace

If you need a bootlace that’s as badass as you are, look no further. Castle Brook’s got some paracord fashioned into some lacing for you. Strong enough to keep your boot on, it’ll also help you out in a bind if you find yourself needing some strong paracord to get you out.

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