Foot Soldier Wool Blanket

Nothing beats a nice wool blanket. The Foot Soldier wool blanket made by the Faribault Woolen Mill Co. is made the same way as when they made them in 1897 for the military. You can’t question quality with that kind of reputation. Originally made to keep soldiers warm during the widely varying temperatures. This will be sure to keep you cozy on your couch.

Innovez Biodegradable iPhone Case

You’re not going to have your iPhone forever (well, some of you will), so grab a case that’s kind to the environment. The Innovez Biodegradable iPhone Case is made of biodegradable plastic, so when you’re done with it, you can rest easy knowing it’ll decompose without a problem. The case won’t decompose in your hand either. The process doesn’t begin until it’s placed into an active microbial environment. Available in more colors, and also for iPhone 5.


Vintage Arcade Skeeball

Skee Ball is an arcade classic. Restoration Hardware has one up now that sports a 1930′s exterior with state of the art technology at its core. Top it off with the flip scoreboard and pull-handle action lever, this one’s not going out of style anytime soon. Pretty sure you’ll make room in your man-town for this classic icon.


Colsen Keane Standard Grunge Satchel

This bag is awesome. Each bag is handmade by Colsen Keane whose goal is to provide you with an heirloom that your kids will want some day. I don’t think it gets any better with this satchel. with available add-on options to make your bag more unique. With the hides they use to make this bag difficult to find, these bags are made in limited runs. Over 8 hours of cutting, pounding and hand stitching goes into each one. Grab yours today before they’re gone!

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