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Paper Log Brick Maker

Instead of tossing your newspaper in the recycle bin, you should cut (or shred) it, soak in water and toss it in here. The two handles help shape the paper into a nice brick all while squeezing excess water out. It’ll take about a day to dry fully, but once dry toss it on your fire and expect it to last a couple hours per brick. Not bad for paper! It’s lightweight when dry, which is perfect for camping – or even the backyard. Use it as a supplement to firewood.

Sphyke Bicycle Wheel Lock

Traditional bike locks and chains only keep your frame locked up, but (usually) don’t offer that same piece of mind for your wheels. Enter the Sphyke wheel lock. Keeps your bicycle wheels locked up with this genius wheel skewer. The combination lock covers the essential equipment needed to remove your wheel. Available for both front and rear wheels.

Grundig Mini 400


Sometimes you just want to listen to a good old radio and you just want music. Nothing else, nothing more. Your smartphone is good, but that playlist just drones on, not to mention killing your battery. The Grundig Mini 400 is an AM/FM/Shortwave radio which is super slim and great for those times when you want a radio. Perfect for everything from everyday listening to camping to power outages.

Naimakka Skydivers Bracelet

There’s a bunch of great paracord bracelets out there, but do they look as great as this one? Made of 550 paracord, this bracelet also has a brass Swedish snap shackle which is used and trusted by skydivers, so you know your paracord bracelet won’t go anywhere until you need it.

Duluth Pack Canvas Utensil Roll

Next time you show up for a picnic, BBQ or go camping, show them who’s boss by bringing your own utensils. The Duluth Pack Canvas Utensil Roll has 7 slots to accommodate your utensils. Simply pull the flap down and roll the canvas up and you’re good to go.

SOL Survival Kit

Survive Outdoors Longer with SOL’s compact kit that you can easily throw into your day pack or bug out bag. The breathe-mint-sized container has everything you see above and is designed for quick operation and organized storage. In the lid of the container is a signaling mirror with retrflective aimer. Flipside of the container has a flint fire starter, removable compass and a folding blade knife that has a 100db rescue whistle and an LED flashlight. Inside the container are fishing wire, fishing hooks, small rope, twine, emergency blanket and fire starting cotton.

El Jefe Keychain

This is the mother of all keychains you should never be without. This kickstarter campaign is trying to get this badass keychain off the ground. When you’re on the go, you’ll be able to start a fire, sharpen your knife and open a beer all without opening your pack. Even has an integrated belt loop hook so it’s always at the ready. Not sure it gets any better than this.