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Duracell Instant USB Charger

Some USB chargers are big and bulky. Costing you valuable storage space while you’re on the go. Duracell aims to solve that with their small USB cahrger. Delivering 1150mAh of lithium-ion power, this battery can save you in a pinch. When you’re back to an outlet, charge it via your laptop or cell phone USB charger. Easy as that!

Brunton Ember Solar USB Battery

USB batteries are crucial when you need power while on the go – but what happens when you need power for your USB battery on the go? Designed for everyday use, the power pack can use USB 5v power or the integrated solar panel to recharge itself. The internal 2800mA will store more than enough power so you can continue your mobile gaming quest – or make a few phone calls.

PowerFlask USB Charger


Charge your USB devices discreetly with the PowerFlask. Equipped with a 13,000mAh battery, this is sure to charge almost any USB device you throw at it. Essential for long day trips, or a day of traveling where no power outlets are available. Also includes an LED flashlight for emergencies.

Tactical BBQ Apron

Flip your burgers with military precision when you wear your tactical BBQ apron. Complete with MOLLE straps so you can hang your favorite gear off the apron, there’s no longer an excuse for not having the tools you need directly in front of you.

Square Business in a Box

In their quest to help out small business owners, Square has announced their Small Business in a Box point of sale system. For $300 your small business can grab a special iPad stand, 2 Square readers and a cash drawer. For an additional $300 you can grab a wireless receipt printer. If you don’t own a small business, pass this along to someone who does. The low total cost of ownership will certainly draw them in.