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AMP 8GB Silver Bullet USB Drive

This 8GB USB stick is made out of metal, shaped like a 22 caliber bullet and it’s water proof. Perfect for sticking onto your keychain to be able to carry all necessary documents with you. Nothing like having a spare bullet around in case of emergency!

The Avenger Controller

The Avenger Controller isn’t really a controller, rather it’s an add on that snaps onto your existing XBOX 360 controller. It offers adjustable hair trigger controls and special levers so that fingers across the controller can control buttons on the other side. Best part about it, the developer claims that you won’t get banned from XBOX Live. That’s because this is an add on to an existing official XBOX controller and not an “illegal” controller hack that can be caught by XBOX Live. That said, get ready to pwn!

Micro Sonic Grenade

Feel the need to prank someone, or just need to get some payback? Pull the pin on this micro sonic grenade, throw it and wait for payback to ensue! The variable timer can be set for 5, 30 or 60 seconds before the 110-115 decibel siren begins to annihilate your victim. The annoying scream packs a bunch comparable to the loudness of a power saw. Perfect for the quiet workplace!

USB Missile Launcher

Office warfare is no joke, and now you can deploy this USB missle launcher in a remote location and monitor its status safely thanks to the webcam. Get two of these connected to MSN messenger and you can fire each others missiles. Don’t want to log onto MSN? No problem, you can still aim and fire these missiles at unsuspecting victims up to 15 feet away.


Next time you need to impress someone, like a first date, let them know you’re paying attention to them – and not your phone. Wrap your phone in this handkerchief which offers smart material that blocks cell phone signals. So now you can prove that your phone is off for them.

Power Strip USB Hub

Think power strip, but for USB. This USB hub has individual switches on them so that you can turn on and off individual USB devices without having to unplug them. Available in 4 port or 7 port and in black or silver.


The Breathometer is the worlds first breathalyzer that hooks onto your iPhone. Just plug it in and blow into it to see just how drunk you are. The breathometer is designed to make the world a safer place by letting you know how drunk you are – and [we hope] that’ll remind you that you probably should call a cab.

ELM 327 Bluetooth OBD2 Scan Tool

Sometimes I get a light on my dashboard and it means nothing to me. I wish I had more detail. That ever happen to you? Use the tool the pros use and grab the ELM 327 Bluetooth OBD2 Scan Tool. It hooks into your cars diagnostics port (usually under the dashboard) and connects to your iOS/Android device via Bluetooth and helps you troubleshoot that nagging dashboard error light.

Digits Conductive Glove Pins

You and your touchscreen phone need each other. Don’t let the cold weather and some gloves get in the way! These conductive pins transfer your energy to the phones touchscreen through your gloves. The end result, you stay warm and your phone feels the love.