Snow Peak Lapel Torch

When you need a third hand to hold a flash light for you, Snow Peak’s Lapel Torch has got your back. Designed to run off 4 AA batteries that clips onto you, the torch can then be moved and positioned anywhere you want. From your shirt, to your hat and even your backpack. Two modes are available to you, high and low. High will shine 70 lumens and last about 55 hours on battery, while low is 7 lumens and 140 hours.

Snow Peak Lapel Torch, White
  • Super strong magnetic connection allows for strong attachment to many materials
  • Curved magnetic connection allows you to adjust the pitch of the light up or downward
  • Brightness levels include high, low, variable and emergency strobe
  • Wrap cord around the battery case and attach the light to use as a handheld light
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