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Looking for a place to setup some extra storage, or even just to hang a few items? Why not look at your basement ceiling? These Lumb-R-Grip steel storage hooks install without any tools, and the more load you put on them, the more grab they have to the rafters. Hang anything from holiday decorations to sports equipment on these guys, they can handle it. Use 2 hooks and a pole to crate an instant closet. The powder coating can stand up to some of the harshest weather, too. When you’re done, removal is as easy as installation.

Buckle UP Keychain Holder

Damn it, where’d I put my keys!? That’s a question of frustration you won’t be asking yourself had you buckled them up! To the wall, that is. As safe as the real thing, because it’s made from the real thing. Each Buckle Up Keychain Holder is made from discontinued seat belt buckles, and modified to hang on your wall. Then attach the insert onto your keychain and you’re good to go.

Arse Face Soap


We know it’s early. You jump in the shower and just go into a routine. How about that soap though? Do you remember where it was last? Now you’ll never have that question again.

Arzum Firrin Horizontal Toaster

Gone are the days of reaching down into the toaster to grab your bread – or using a knife to fish it out. Now you can simply pull the toast tray to the side to grab your food out. Works just like a regular toaster, just on its side – that is, if you’re okay with only toasting one slice at a time.

Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat

Do you like to go fast? Do you need help going fast? Typically carbon fiber helps your car go faster by reducing weight. The real question I have is if this kind of fiber will really help you GO fast? I guess there’s only one way to find out! Pick up this carbon fiber toilet seat! This seat is made out of real carbon fiber with a 2×2 twill pattern and it’s all help together with only the finest epoxy resin.


The Curly Q Paint Roller Cleaner

Cleaning paint rollers is a hassle, and wasteful. Pick up the Curly Q and save your paint and make clean up easier. The circular parts go around the paint roller and help “squeeze” paint out of them. Perfect for getting excess paint back into the can, which also saves water and make clean up even easier. Works with oil and latex based paints.

Teroforma Ekke Shot Glasses

Enjoy your next shot super cooled. Made from the same soapstone that whiskey stones are made from, these shot glasses won’t trap taste or odor from shot to shot. They’ll also keep your shot very chilled. When you’re not using them, leave them out on display to show everyone how awesome you are.

Buckler’s Camp Blend Candle

It’s been a long winter, and you may have forgotten what summer’s like. I know I have. Buckler’s Camp Blend Candle will help remind you of that warm summer night. Made from 100% soy wax with a 45+ hour burn time. Features notes of California Laurel, Willow, Wild Grass and Blackberry. Each candle is hand poured and on in batches of 100. Grab yours before it’s gone!

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