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Like and Dislike Stamps

Show your approval, or disapproval, on everyday documents with these familiar icons. Now in a convienent stamp! Nobody will ever suspect what popular social media website you’re addicted to!

Titanium Clock Radio

The AM/FM clock radio isn’t dead yet! Designers Adrian and Jeremy Wright showcase their clock radio design for your nightstand, your desk, or wherever else you want a great looking clock radio. Made from aluminum, this clock is available in black or white with an automatic dimming LED display.


Map Glassware

Learn more about your favorite city while sitting down and having a cold one. Grab one of these and let everyone know which city is your favorite. Made from high quality glassware, these glasses are available in quite a few different sizes and styles, and for quite a few cities.

FlipIt Charger

Are you sick of trying to charge your gadgets, but no plugs are available? You, and I, need this. The FlipIt Charger attaches onto an existing plug and is able to steal the power it needs without compromising the power your other plug needs. It’s a win, win!

Vintage Airplane Instrument Coasters

Grab a set of these Vintage Airplane Instrument Coasters and relive your top gun days – or pretend that you are one. These coasters are 3 7/8″ x 3 7/8″ and are made with high impact polystyrene with an anti-slip pad on the base. They’re ready to be the landing zone for your favorite drink.

Scientist Rock Star Posters

Artist Megan Katasuskas made these awesome posters which honor the scientist for the creation they’re most known for. Chose from any of the 5 she has for sale on her Etsy shop. I’m not sure I know which one is my favorite!


Baseball Bat Spatula

The next time you feel like beating something up, start cooking. Perhaps you can take some of your anger out using a baseball bat – as your spatula. The 9″ bat is made from food-safe silicone so you’ll be sure to get the batter out from all angles of the bowl. Available April 2013.

Photo Hangers

These paper clips are shaped into a clothes hanger, giving you a unique way to display your photos, or other papers, in the office. Simply slide the photo into the clip, and hang onto whatever’s near by.

Pissiger Hund Glass

Need a reminder that your drink is running low? The hound on this glass will remind you with the line around the base. Start your morning off right with a tall glass of orange juice, or finish the night with an ice cold beer. Either way, the beverage color will get people talking.

Secret Passage Switch

Inspired by Hollywood, use one of your own books from your collection to open your secret passageway. Keep your valuables – or yourself – safe in your hidden panic room. When danger strikes, one tug on the book will release the latch so you can hide in safety. Realistically, you’ll probably use it to turn on a lamp though. Unless you have a panic room – in which case you should send us photos of it.