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Cool Shooters Shot Glass Mold

You’ll always have the coldest shots around with the Cool Shooter Shot Glass Mold by Fred. Simply fill with water and put the silicone mold in your freezer and let it freeze. When frozen, take it out, fill it up, enjoy. Now you have no excuse to never had a shotglass on hand.

Titanium Clock Radio

The AM/FM clock radio isn’t dead yet! Designers Adrian and Jeremy Wright showcase their clock radio design for your nightstand, your desk, or wherever else you want a great looking clock radio. Made from aluminum, this clock is available in black or white with an automatic dimming LED display.


Vintage Airplane Instrument Coasters

Grab a set of these Vintage Airplane Instrument Coasters and relive your top gun days – or pretend that you are one. These coasters are 3 7/8″ x 3 7/8″ and are made with high impact polystyrene with an anti-slip pad on the base. They’re ready to be the landing zone for your favorite drink.

Concrete Drink Coasters

Nothing says manly than some concrete drink coasters. Show off some construction goods in your mancave. Each concrete coaster is made by hand and takes a week of curing. Topped off with 2 coats of wax, they’ll be sure to last long after you’re done with your beer.

Polar Bear Ice Cube Tray

Stick this polar bear in your freezer to give you 10 ice cubes which are perfect for your tumbler glass. Simply fill the bear up through it’s “mouth” cap, drain the excess through the rear hole, and set up right in your freezer. It doesn’t get much easier than that. The sealed cap helps prevent the ice from absorbing smells and crumbs from the other stuff that’s floating around in your freezer. Bang it on the counter when ready to release the cubes.

Lego Ice Cubes

Who doesn’t love Legos? Now you can expand your imagination with the minifig’s right into your frosty beverage. This silicone ice cube tray will create you 8 awesome minifigure ice cubes. Add some food coloring and now you’ve made this even more interesting!

Blackout Buddy Emergency Flashlight

When disaster strikes, it’s comforting to know that you’ll have a flashlight that’s charged up and ready to go. The Blackout Buddy Emergency LED Blackout Flashlight and Nightlight is just that. Constantly plugged into your wall outlet, it’ll provide you with a single LED (switchable) night light on the bottom. When the power goes out the 3 LED light turns on so you can find it and use as a flashlight. Don’t wait for the emergency though, use it as a standard always-ready flashlight for around the house. Just remember to plug it back in when you’re done!

Sharky Tea Infuser

This tea infuser has a sharks fin on the top and a bit of humor on the bottom. Load it up with your favorite loose leaf tea (preferably something red) and watch it leave a trail around your drink.

EveryDrop Water Filter

Quite possibly the most versatile and portable filter out there. Whirlpool has designed the EveryDrop filter for almost every scenario where you’d want filtered water. For your sports bottles, your coffee makers, or even in the office conference room – wherever you want filtered water, just pour the water through the EveryDrop filter. 1 (refillable) filter can get you 450 water bottles of clean water.