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Looking for a place to setup some extra storage, or even just to hang a few items? Why not look at your basement ceiling? These Lumb-R-Grip steel storage hooks install without any tools, and the more load you put on them, the more grab they have to the rafters. Hang anything from holiday decorations to sports equipment on these guys, they can handle it. Use 2 hooks and a pole to crate an instant closet. The powder coating can stand up to some of the harshest weather, too. When you’re done, removal is as easy as installation.

Duracell Instant USB Charger

Some USB chargers are big and bulky. Costing you valuable storage space while you’re on the go. Duracell aims to solve that with their small USB cahrger. Delivering 1150mAh of lithium-ion power, this battery can save you in a pinch. When you’re back to an outlet, charge it via your laptop or cell phone USB charger. Easy as that!

Brunton Ember Solar USB Battery

USB batteries are crucial when you need power while on the go – but what happens when you need power for your USB battery on the go? Designed for everyday use, the power pack can use USB 5v power or the integrated solar panel to recharge itself. The internal 2800mA will store more than enough power so you can continue your mobile gaming quest – or make a few phone calls.

CaraClaw – Carabiner with a Knife

The CaraClaw is the perfect companion for all your outdoor adventures including hiking, camping, climbing, hunting and fishing or it’s the perfect companion for you to keep handy for when you have to open packages!

The patent-pending CaraClaw is made up of a stainless steel inner liner with a rubber coated heavy duty nylon handle. The blade is solid and made from 440 stainless steel and comes razor sharp! The blade locks out and has a release button on the side of the carabiner.


CM Storm QuickFire Stealth Keyboard


Think you’re good at typing and are you impressing all the ladies that you can type without looking at the keyboard? Prove yourself worthy with this murdered out keyboard. No letters on the top of the keyboard keep it sleek and stealthy. No letters on the keys also means no letters to wear out, so you’re keyboard will look fresh for years to come. Don’t worry if you get stuck, you can look at the front-side of the keys since the letter is still present.


Patagonia Expedition Sewing Kit

Every outdoors-man, or survivalist, needs this kit. Small and lightweight, it’ll save your clothings life. Included in the kit is an aluminum awl, threads in 10 colors and heavy duty needles capable if fixing your boot or your pack. Sewing skills not included.

Buckle UP Keychain Holder

Damn it, where’d I put my keys!? That’s a question of frustration you won’t be asking yourself had you buckled them up! To the wall, that is. As safe as the real thing, because it’s made from the real thing. Each Buckle Up Keychain Holder is made from discontinued seat belt buckles, and modified to hang on your wall. Then attach the insert onto your keychain and you’re good to go.

Red Oxx Travel Basket Valet

Having a catchall basket when you travel is clutch. Checking into a hotel room can be a whirlwind of bags, and emptying pockets from a long days travel. Be sure not to lose anything important by placing it into the travel basket by Red Oxx. Designed to fold down flat so it fits easily in your suitcase, and snaps together for when you arrive. Comes in 12 colors.

Arse Face Soap


We know it’s early. You jump in the shower and just go into a routine. How about that soap though? Do you remember where it was last? Now you’ll never have that question again.

Arzum Firrin Horizontal Toaster

Gone are the days of reaching down into the toaster to grab your bread – or using a knife to fish it out. Now you can simply pull the toast tray to the side to grab your food out. Works just like a regular toaster, just on its side – that is, if you’re okay with only toasting one slice at a time.