Fire Hose Wallet


I love this idea because as a kid, who doesn’t want to be a fireman (or firewoman)? Well, you can relive your childhood dream everyday when you whip out your fire hose wallet. Handmade by a fireman’s wife, each wallet is unique and is made from real retired hoses. Since they’re unique, each wallet will vary in distress marks. And you have to appreciate the fact that they’re all hand made!

Survival Straps Boston Strong

Survival Straps has released Boston Strong special edition products. These Survival Straps also help support those affected by the events in Boston because with every purchase, Survival Straps will donate 25% of all sales to The One Fund Boston. Made from 550lb paracord, these don’t only look great, but could also become useful for you one day. Available in a few different colors, dog tag designs, and sizes.

Midori Army Edition Traveler’s Notebook

Made by the Japanese stationary company Midori – in collaboration with Nigel Cabourn – comes the Army edition traveler’s notebook. The passport sized leather bound notebook includes an identification page for reference in case it’s lost. Also has a removable pen and utility clip. Replacement page inserts also available.

Fingerprint Security Briefcase

1970 called. They want their briefcase with a combination and/or key lock back. Time to ditch that dinosaur and go with this one instead. Secure your top secret contents using your fingerprint as the only key. The Nubuck leather exterior will make you look like you know what you’re doing. This briefcase can support up to 12 different users with 2 fingerprints each. Internal battery can be charged via USB connection.

PowerFlask USB Charger


Charge your USB devices discreetly with the PowerFlask. Equipped with a 13,000mAh battery, this is sure to charge almost any USB device you throw at it. Essential for long day trips, or a day of traveling where no power outlets are available. Also includes an LED flashlight for emergencies.

Zmart Remote

Looking to utilize your smartphone as a Universal Remote Control? Zmart has you covered. Pick up their 5 ounce IR dongle, and plug it into your smartphone’s headphone jack. Then grab their free app (available for iOS and Android), setup your equipment and you’re done. One device to rule all them all (within your home theater at least). Each dongle is good for activation on 2 separate devices.


Mazooka Marshmallow Bazooka


The Mazooka is an air powered, shoulder mounted marshmallow bazooka system. Insert your payload into the bazooka, flip out the sight, turn on the internal air compressor to recharge itself, aim and fire. The Mazooka can shoot mallows up to 40 feet!

Moshi Reflection Alarm Clock


I present to you the smartest alarm clock I know of. The Moshi Reflection alarm clock uses advanced voice recognition software so that you can speak to your alarm clock. That’s right – instead of fussing around with the snooze button in the morning, you can just mumble snooze to it (and hopefully it’ll understand). You can also set the time, set an alarm, check indoor and outdoor temperature all without having to touch any buttons. To help set the mood between you and your Moshi, the display is capable of changing between 6 different colors.

OPMOD Battle Mug


Drinking beer will never be the same once you can load it up with your favorite military attachments via the Mil-Spec 1913 scope rails. Made from a block of aluminum, each Battle Mug is machined to allow you to hold 24 ounces of your favorite beverage. Complete with a real AR-15 carry handle, you’ll never lose your grip on your drink. So go ahead and put on your scope, flashlight, handles or any other tactical gear you’ve got laying around. Show everyone how badass you and your drink are.

SOL Survival Kit

Survive Outdoors Longer with SOL’s compact kit that you can easily throw into your day pack or bug out bag. The breathe-mint-sized container has everything you see above and is designed for quick operation and organized storage. In the lid of the container is a signaling mirror with retrflective aimer. Flipside of the container has a flint fire starter, removable compass and a folding blade knife that has a 100db rescue whistle and an LED flashlight. Inside the container are fishing wire, fishing hooks, small rope, twine, emergency blanket and fire starting cotton.