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Red Oxx Travel Basket Valet

Having a catchall basket when you travel is clutch. Checking into a hotel room can be a whirlwind of bags, and emptying pockets from a long days travel. Be sure not to lose anything important by placing it into the travel basket by Red Oxx. Designed to fold down flat so it fits easily in your suitcase, and snaps together for when you arrive. Comes in 12 colors.

Sphyke Bicycle Wheel Lock

Traditional bike locks and chains only keep your frame locked up, but (usually) don’t offer that same piece of mind for your wheels. Enter the Sphyke wheel lock. Keeps your bicycle wheels locked up with this genius wheel skewer. The combination lock covers the essential equipment needed to remove your wheel. Available for both front and rear wheels.

Grundig Mini 400


Sometimes you just want to listen to a good old radio and you just want music. Nothing else, nothing more. Your smartphone is good, but that playlist just drones on, not to mention killing your battery. The Grundig Mini 400 is an AM/FM/Shortwave radio which is super slim and great for those times when you want a radio. Perfect for everything from everyday listening to camping to power outages.

Naimakka Skydivers Bracelet

There’s a bunch of great paracord bracelets out there, but do they look as great as this one? Made of 550 paracord, this bracelet also has a brass Swedish snap shackle which is used and trusted by skydivers, so you know your paracord bracelet won’t go anywhere until you need it.

F-Stop Watch


Show your love for photography with the F-Stop Watch. When someone asks you for the time, let them know it’s just after f/2.0. This watch uses F-Stops in place of real numbers, you know, that everyday people would use.

Prong PocketPlug iPhone Case


Wrap the Prong PocketPlug Case around your iPhone and you’ll never be without a way to charge your battery hungry smartphone. I don’t blame you if you want to use your phone, but not stick your face against the wall while it’s charging. No problem, use a USB cable to charge it from your laptop instead – without having to take the case off.


Duluth Pack Canvas Utensil Roll

Next time you show up for a picnic, BBQ or go camping, show them who’s boss by bringing your own utensils. The Duluth Pack Canvas Utensil Roll has 7 slots to accommodate your utensils. Simply pull the flap down and roll the canvas up and you’re good to go.

Fire Hose Wallet


I love this idea because as a kid, who doesn’t want to be a fireman (or firewoman)? Well, you can relive your childhood dream everyday when you whip out your fire hose wallet. Handmade by a fireman’s wife, each wallet is unique and is made from real retired hoses. Since they’re unique, each wallet will vary in distress marks. And you have to appreciate the fact that they’re all hand made!

Survival Straps Boston Strong

Survival Straps has released Boston Strong special edition products. These Survival Straps also help support those affected by the events in Boston because with every purchase, Survival Straps will donate 25% of all sales to The One Fund Boston. Made from 550lb paracord, these don’t only look great, but could also become useful for you one day. Available in a few different colors, dog tag designs, and sizes.

Fingerprint Security Briefcase

1970 called. They want their briefcase with a combination and/or key lock back. Time to ditch that dinosaur and go with this one instead. Secure your top secret contents using your fingerprint as the only key. The Nubuck leather exterior will make you look like you know what you’re doing. This briefcase can support up to 12 different users with 2 fingerprints each. Internal battery can be charged via USB connection.